Category Finalists: Signage Company of the Year (Under 30 employees)

The Signage Company of the Year (30+ employees award) acknowledges businesses that have actively adopted environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. In recent years, the most significant and important change in signage revolves around the pursuit of innovative, eco-friendly approaches to processes and products. This award also recognises those companies that make huge changes and strides in reducing unnecessary energy consumption and fostering sustainable work environments, such as implementing carbon offset initiatives.

Moreover, nominees in this category exhibit leadership and vision by making changes now that will have a direct impact on the future of the sign industry. These forward-thinking businesses introduce novel ideas and initiatives, aiming to guide the industry towards a more sustainable path. The award specifically highlights companies that, by setting the example first internally, empower their clients to achieve environmental goals, considering these objectives from the initial design phase to material delivery. These nominees showcase remarkable innovation and resourcefulness, not only within their operations but also in their local communities, where they will have an active role.

Additionally, the award seeks to commend companies that recognise their employees as their most valuable asset. These companies invest in their staff through training and where cultivating a supportive work environment is of highest importance. They  lead the way in making their companies a place where people can thrive and grow. Nominees in this category are also dedicated to nurturing the next generation of signmakers through comprehensive apprenticeship programs, ensuring apprentices gain diverse experiences in all aspects of sign making rather than being confined to a single role.

Apogee Creative Print Solutions: crafting excellence in signage innovation and sustainability from Colchester’s finest

Apogee Creative Print Solutions epitomises excellence in signage innovation and sustainability. With a modest team of four dedicated full-time professionals, this small sign company has evolved since its inception in early 2016. Apogee Creative has transitioned to specialise in interior décor and high-end fabricated signage. The company’s primary focus now lies in vehicle graphics, wraps, and display graphics. Boasting a diverse portfolio of clients spanning local and national spheres, recent investments showcase Apogee Creative’s commitment to in-house fabrication. A shift to latex printers underscores their dedication to sustainability, reducing VOCs and accommodating increased production. Embracing environmentally conscious practices, Apogee Creative actively participates in recycling programs and engages in refurbishing existing signage to minimise waste and costs.

Ellis Signs: Transforming the signage landscape with innovation and quality since 1983

Ellis Signs has been reshaping the landscape with a commitment to innovation and quality. With a dedicated team of 27 employees, they’ve successfully collaborated with major retailers such as AS Watson, Moss, and Jollyes, delivering projects of the highest quality. Ellis Signs boasts a roster of key clients, including Superdrug, Savers, Holiday Inn, and Cameron’s Brewery, solidifying their status as a trusted local company. Known for embracing new approaches, they lead the industry through social media, amassing over 15 million views on TikTok in a year. With purpose-driven leadership and cutting-edge technologies, Ellis Signs ensures success and customer-focused results in every project, offering a professional and reliable service throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland. 

Goodwin & Goodwin: Crafting the future through artistry, sustainability, and team spirit

Goodwin & Goodwin, driven by artistry, sustainability, and team spirit, proudly presents an award entry reflecting their dedication to a sustainable future. With a focus on craftsmanship and longevity, they employ traditional handcrafted techniques like neon blowing, metal fabrication, and woodwork, preserving endangered artisanal skills. Their initiatives extend to waste reduction through comprehensive recycling and partnerships with zero-waste suppliers. The company prioritises eco-friendly packaging and embraces an electric fleet, reducing reliance on fossil fuels. Introducing ‘eco bug house’ letters, they contribute to biodiversity. Embracing recycled materials, they minimise environmental impact. The company’s commitment to youth development further solidifies their sustainable ethos. The company recognises and rewards exceptional team members, fostering a culture of excellence and camaraderie.

Graffiti Design: Achieving excellence throughout a year of growth and enduring dedication

Graffiti Design, a standout in signage, navigated 2023 with growth and commitment. Facing industry challenges, they streamlined processes, expanded to 20 employees, and supported a local charity Training initiatives included drawing workshops and toolbox talks for staff cohesion. Sustainability remained key, with eco-friendly practices and partnerships with clients like Lush and Fat Face. Described as “small yet mighty,” their size proved advantageous for resource-intensive projects, earning acclaim for reliability. Embracing a familial ethos, Graffiti Design organised staff events, fostering bonds and efficiency. Grateful for collective efforts, the company looks ahead while embodying dedication to excellence, innovation, and industry enrichment. The future promises continued commitment to quality standards and a role as a positive force for change.

Off the Wall Creative: Making the seemingly impossible, possible, through creative solutions, talent and artistry

Off The Wall Creative comprises a dynamic team of 16 individuals dedicated to transforming the impossible into reality. With a rich history spanning 14 years and operations in 15 countries, they’ve delivered over 7,000 projects for their clients. Despite their compact size, the team cherishes each member’s unique talents, fostering a cohesive creative vision. Renowned for in-house manufacturing, the company stands as leaders and advocates for collaboration in the signage industry. This year, they’ve embraced sustainability, offering eco-friendly alternatives and implementing systems to reduce their environmental footprint. Committed to employee well-being, they provide comprehensive healthcare, mental health support, and professional development opportunities. Their global impact reflects their creativity, dedication, and commitment to a sustainable and inspiring future.

Peach Design: bringing innovative, fresh, and unique designs to commercial spaces across the U.K

Peach Design specialises in signage while also offering an extensive array of services like PVC-free wallcoverings, glass manifestation, and architectural wrapping. Their dedicated team assists businesses in creating bespoke spaces, incorporating signage and other elements to manifest their branding dreams within office environments. A year of tremendous achievements has solidified Peach Design’s commitment to teamwork, education, and technological advancement. The team has undergone specialised training, obtained certifications, and embraced the latest tools and techniques, ensuring cutting-edge and unique services. In 2023, the company made strides in reducing emissions, introducing electric vehicles to its fleet. Peach Design is a leader in delivering stunning signage, graphics, and architectural wraps for the design and build industry, transforming workspaces into branded havens.

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