Category Finalists: Signage Company of the Year (30+ employees)

The biggest new shift in signage is working towards finding ways to innovate eco-friendly sign processes and products. The Signage Company of the Year (30+ employees award) recognises those companies that have endeavoured to use environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. It also esteems those companies that have made efforts to reduce unnecessary energy consumption and efforts to provide a more sustainable work environment, for example, through carbon offset schemes.

Not only this, but the nominees in this category have been seen to demonstrate leadership and vision within the sign industry, taking steps towards a cohesive and bright future. The businesses in this category are forward-thinking and show new ideas and initiatives. This award looks to those companies that, by leading the way in their own companies, have enabled their customers to meet their own environmental objectives by keeping these targets in mind from inception of design to delivery of materials. These nominees have shown outstanding examples of innovation and resourcefulness, not only within their business but also in their local communities. 

The award also looks to honour those companies that recognise that their biggest asset is their employees and that looks to nurture them in their working lives. They invest in their employees through training and by providing a supportive environment for all staff where they are rewarded for hard work. These nominees are also committed to training the next generation of signmakers through well-rounded apprenticeships. This means ensuring that apprentices get to work in all areas of sign making and are not just limited to one.

Astley Signs Limited: Leading the Way in Sustainable Sign Making and Employee Wellbeing

Astley Signs, a prominent leader in sign making with 4 UK sites and 140+ staff, offers unparalleled client support. With over 30 years of experience, the company is dedicated to setting high standards in UK sign making. Astley is committed to becoming Net Zero by 2040 and actively addresses environmental impact beyond carbon offsetting. The company promotes sustainable alternatives and collaborates with brands on eco-friendly initiatives. Through workshops, social media, and newsletters, Astley engages in conversations on sustainability. The company prioritises sustainable practices throughout its production process and fosters employee well-being, achieving a Bronze Better Health at Work Award. Astley’s active fundraising calendar showcases its commitment to charitable causes, while #teamastley continues to excel in creating impressive, branded environments.

Blaze Signs: illuminating excellence in signage and sustainability

Blaze Signs has undergone a transformative journey. Guided by the SIGNS values, each team member contributes to the vision of a waste-free world, employee fulfilment, and exceptional customer experiences. Under Blaze People&Planet, efforts to reduce environmental impact have resulted in a 24% reduction in CO2e per £million sales revenue. Blaze Academy, initiated in 2023, surpassed its apprentice target by September, bridging industry skill gaps with in-house training programs. The Illuminate team drives innovation, improving efficiency across departments. Blaze Wellbeing invests in employee health, safety, and mental well-being. In recent times, Blaze Signs has evolved into a beacon of responsible business practices, reducing environmental impact and fostering employee well-being, demonstrating a commitment to a brighter, sustainable future.

Dragon signs: a signage company serving both local business and UK wide industries since 2007

Boasting a dedicated team of 50 professionals, Dragon signs consistently deliver high-quality signage solutions, earning a 5-star Google rating. From design to installation, their end-to-end approach ensures a success rate over 95%, with each customer assigned a dedicated account manager. Recent expansions and investments in printing equipment have bolstered their capabilities, promising enhanced service, increased capacity, and faster turnaround times. The introduction of digital signage expands their offerings, making it accessible to diverse budgets. Dragon Signs’ in-house vehicle wrapping and community engagement highlights their commitment to excellence and community support. As an ISO14001 accredited company, they are actively pursuing carbon neutrality by 2030, with a commendable 80% recycling rate and energy-efficient practices in place.

Omega signs: 30 years of excellence, community commitment, and employee empowerment

Omega Signs, as a family-run business, prioritises openness, honesty, and fairness for both products and customers as well as supporting their local community. Their sustainability efforts include a zero-waste goal, charity work, and support for local communities. Certified with ISO 14001, they integrate eco-friendly practices, use solar panels, low-energy LEDs, and geographically positioned crews for reduced CO2. Collaborative innovation defines their approach, acting as industry consultants for sustainable choices. Omega Signs fosters community engagement, contributing to charities, supporting local sports, and aiding food banks. Employee well-being remains a priority, offering perks, mental health support, and investment in staff development. Committed to core values, Omega Signs continuously evolves, ensuring a holistic commitment to environment, community, and staff welfare.

Pearce signs: pioneering excellence and innovation in the global signage industry

Pearce Signs, a trailblazer in the global signage industry, embodies a commitment to excellence and innovation. With over 250 years of history, the company’s vision emphasises leadership through best practices, thought leadership, and empowering its workforce. Pearce Signs boasts a diverse clientele, including Barclays, Tesco, and UBS, showcasing trust in their global quality and innovation. Sustainability is integral, with green accreditations and zero-waste achievements. Their 2023 rebrand prioritised people, fostering a culture of sustainability, trust, and accountability. Pearce Signs invests in formalised training programmes and focuses on technical, sales, design, health & safety, diversity, and mental health. The company promotes thought leadership through its website and social media, enriching the industry with insights and case studies.

Signbox: leading the way in signage solutions for a sustainable future

Signbox, a leading UK sign design and manufacturing company with over 38 years of expertise, is at the forefront of sustainable signage solutions. Renowned for its comprehensive range, including 3D fabricated signs, wayfinding, environmental branding, and digital signage, Signbox prioritises innovation and sustainability. The company’s unique selling proposition lies in its use of cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly materials, delivering visually striking, environmentally conscious signs. Signbox focuses on durability, end-to-end services, and exceptional customer experiences. Their commitment to sustainability includes repurposing waste materials and a journey toward carbon neutrality. Signbox’s culture is defined by values such as respect, diversity, simplicity, continuous improvement, and a proactive “make it happen” attitude, creating a unique and outstanding working environment.

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