Category Finalists: Roll Out

The Roll Out category acknowledges the extraordinary proficiency involved in overseeing a client’s corporate identity, whether supplied or in-house designed, and seamlessly implementing it across a varied range of applications across multiple sites. It celebrates the skill required to craft a design that creatively maintains brand consistency across various media types. 

The Roll Out award commends the intricate designs and innovative production methods that not only meet budget but also ensure conformity to the brand across different media. This category recognises the triumph of the now distinctive branding in captivating the customer’s attention and engaging them effectively across a myriad of platforms. It honours the strategic innovation through production methods and technical acumen required to successfully translate and deploy a corporate identity in a way that resonates with the target audience and achieves brand recognition.

We would like to thank Vivid Technologies for sponsoring the Roll Out award this year. Vivid’s purpose is to work with their customers to add value to print and beyond. They do this by thinking outside the box to create cutting-edge laminating and print finishing equipment of the highest quality. Their work empowers their customers to produce enviable print finishes and deliver bespoke projects, at a fraction of the price of outsourcing.

Vivid believes that unique print sets a business apart and makes a lasting impression. To keep pace with the rapidly changing marketplace, their highly experienced team works closely with their customers and partners. Vivid ensures that everything they develop advances on what the customer is already doing as well as making customers’ lives easier and businesses better.

Astley invited to tender for the rebrand of Jury’s Inn Hotels to Leonardo Hotels

Astley, renowned for their expertise in hospitality brand projects, secured an invitation to tender for the extensive rebrand of Jury’s Inn Hotels to Leonardo Hotels in 2022/23. Overseeing the complete transformation of 32 UK hotels, the project demanded meticulous planning and logistical support. Astley’s consultancy was pivotal in ensuring a seamless delivery. The in-house designers created elevations and navigated planning applications. An overarching signage manual was crucial for diverse building styles. After client approval, the second manufacturing phase included site-specific sign packs, requiring careful coordination with structural engineers for safe installations at significant heights. Astley’s commitment to quality and compliance with health and safety standards ensured the successful execution of this multifaceted rebranding initiative.

Blaze Signs works closely with IMO Car Washes Nationwide to implement rebrand roll-out

Blaze Signs collaborated closely with IMO Car Washes Nationwide for a comprehensive rebranding initiative. Aimed at enhancing their national presence, achieving a consistent recognizable look, and elevating their business, Blaze Signs undertook the challenge of implementing the new brand across 120 sites in under a year. The project team managed the survey, design, and installation phases with precision. The signage suite included fascia signs, building cladding, window treatments, totems, and various informational signs, each tailored to diverse site formats. The nationwide rollout resulted in a unified brand experience, increased customer traction, and enhanced revenue across the UK. The use of cloud-based technology facilitated seamless communication and progress tracking throughout the rebranding process, all within the client’s budget and timeline.

Custom Signwriting roll out Hickory’s Smokehouse design every eight weeks to meet massive expansion

Every eight weeks, Custom Signwriting undertakes a rapid rollout for Hickory’s Smokehouse as part of the restaurant’s extensive expansion. Formerly a biannual occurrence, these rollouts now transpire at a significantly increased frequency. Custom Signwriting, tasked with this challenge, conducts site surveys due to discrepancies in architectural dimensions. Amidst the rough-sawed timber exteriors, with a 30mm deep stepping between planks, they must adapt to unpredictable weather conditions and tight timeframes. Focused on external visuals, the artwork spans from 1 to over 8 metres, demanding precision in scale and execution. Despite the difficulties posed by the irregular timber surfaces, the majority of the work is skillfully accomplished by eye to ensure standout aesthetics for Hickory’s Smokehouse.

Sign Reload tasked with new brand concept for Cemcor rebrand roll-out

Sign Reload successfully executed the rebranding of Cemcor, the former Lafarge cement plant in Cookstown, under new ownership. Tasked with creating a fresh brand concept, the journey began with a hand-drawn sketch from the client. Sign Reload meticulously developed a comprehensive brand guideline, adaptable across various applications and multiple sites. Utilising diverse materials, including built-up lettering, wrapping materials, and architectural film, they crafted a concrete effect for totems. The 3D totems, constructed with 3mm aluminium, inlaid acrylic, and internal illumination, showcased a fusion of creativity and functionality. The extensive rebranding effort extended to totems, building signage, vehicle wraps, and more, culminating in a cohesive visual identity embraced by both the client and their customers.

Sovereign Signs awarded rebrand for all 154 Paddy Power Rollout stores

The comprehensive project involved technical surveys, application of the latest branding, and manufacturing/installation of new signage tailored to each store’s specifications and location restrictions. Collaboration with Paddy Power included thorough research, design flexibility, and adherence to brand guidelines. Guarantees included detailed site surveys, visual submissions, and a single point of contact. The Construction Project Management team, supported by a dedicated Project Manager, ensured smooth operations, meeting deadlines, and maintaining budget constraints. Challenges such as sub-fascia disrepair were addressed with temporary banners, while adherence to local restrictions led to heritage variations in 15% of stores. Despite a tight schedule, the team successfully completed installations, providing Paddy Power with comprehensive completion documents for every store.

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