Category Finalists: Printed Wrap (Car or Van)

This Printed Wrap category looks to award those cars and vans that have been wrapped with an extremely effective design. It looks to recognise designs for cars and vans which are original and creative in their choice of colour. The award will be given to the entrant that most effectively uses layout in their wrap to make their car or van stand out amongst the crowd.

All the wraps in this category have been digitally printed and include design elements such as lettering, logos, and symbols to make the designs unique to each company’s requirements. The wrap design, whether it is a partial or full wrap of the vehicle, is aimed at conveying an advertising message on behalf of the company through its distinctiveness and creativity. The eye-catching and attention-capturing designs will help these vehicles stand out amongst the rest.

We thank Arlon Graphics for their kind sponsorship of this category. Arlon is in the business of creating innovative material that will bring creative ideas to life. They also work on sharing their industry know-how in ways that can benefit the sign and graphics industry. They always look for innovative solutions that will help to transform your business.

This history of Arlon is rooted in its customer-centric approach. What was founded in 1958 as a manufacturer of flexible materials has evolved into a global company manufacturing millions of feet of cast films. As a company that puts customers at the forefront, Arlon are nimble and able to work quickly to respond to their customers’ needs.

Cube Branding design The 75th Year Psychedelic Journey: a visually-stunning, revolutionary car wrap print for Porsche’s 75th anniversary

In celebrating Porsche’s 75th anniversary, Cube Branding Design introduces The 75th Year Psychedelic Journey, an innovative car wrap print reflecting the brand’s rich history and dynamic future. Inspired by the free-spirited 70s, the design integrates psychedelic art elements, featuring dynamic shapes, hypnotic patterns, and vibrant colours. The intricate swirls of colour dance harmoniously across the sleek Porsche body, seamlessly incorporating celebratory elements like the number ’75.’ Beyond being visually striking, the design serves as a conversational piece, sparking discussions about Porsche’s legacy. The 75th Year Psychedelic Journey is a testament to Porsche’s innovation, challenging norms, and presenting an exciting vision for the future, transcending mere decoration to offer a mesmerising, psychedelic journey through the brand’s remarkable 75 years.

DS Graphics use custom print to wrap VW Crafter

DS Graphics transforms the VW Crafter with a distinctive touch, employing a bespoke print to fully envelop the vehicle. The foundation is laid with Arlon Pcc Silver vinyl, enhanced through printing on their HP Latex system. Opting for a matte lamination adds a sophisticated touch, perfectly complementing the overall design. Notably, all text is crafted in reflective material, ensuring visibility day or night for an optimal and impactful presentation. DS Graphics’ meticulous attention to detail and choice of materials showcases their commitment to delivering both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality in their vehicle wraps.

Extreme Signs create a seamless wrap for Fig & Bramble’s fleet of Buzz vehicles

Extreme Signs, in their latest project, seamlessly wrapped Fig & Bramble’s fleet of Buzz vehicles, meeting the client’s demand for a striking yet classy design suitable for weddings and high-end events. The challenge included incorporating different primary colours and vehicle specs while maintaining a consistent brand image. Working on one of the country’s first I.D. Buzz vehicles, the team faced unique difficulties, such as the removal of parts without instructions and potential parts availability issues. Despite the challenges, they successfully turned around the initial vehicle within a week, ensuring a continuous pattern without an apparent finishing point. The complex task of wrapping the front grille/bumper was accomplished by the talented in-house team.

RGVA Vehicle Graphics create new design wrap for Mission Produce’s Mercedes Benz LWB

In March 2023, California-based Mission Produce entered the UK market, partnering with Nature’s Choice and RGVA Vehicle Graphics to brand their new Mercedes Benz LWB. Chief designer Arthur Delost collaborated with Mission Produce, finalising the artwork in mid-June. After seven versions, the UK team approved the eighth, sending it to Mission Produce’s California headquarters for a resounding “Yes.” RGVA’s Sales Manager, Craig Bradley, and Operations Manager, Shaughan Hawks, ensured vehicle availability and installation coordination. Using 3M™ materials, their skilled team worked hard to ensure that the deadline was met, whilst keeping the standard of fitting to an incredibly high level, and creating a vibrant wrap that proclaimed Mission Produce as the UK’s avocado company of choice.

Signs Express designs clear, eye catching, custom wrap for Brewster’s Brewery vehicle

Signs Express, renowned for crafting captivating custom wraps, recently collaborated with Brewster’s Brewery, a local icon in brewing. The brewery, known for its distinctiveness sought a branded van; only the second in their history. Entrusted with creative freedom, Signs Express embarked on a project that seamlessly integrated the brewery’s iconic can design and logo onto the vehicle’s rear and sides. Given the van’s role in customer deliveries, the design prioritised clarity and eye-catching elements to enhance brand visibility. With precision and adherence to the timeline and budget, Signs Express delivered a flawless, visually impactful wrap, surpassing Brewster’s Brewery’s expectations. The project stands as a source of pride for the team, showcasing their commitment to local businesses and community involvement.

Think Wraps create full colour printed wrap for Porsche’s Taycan to celebrate 75th anniversary

Think Wraps celebrated Porsche’s 75th anniversary with a long-lasting, vibrant, multi-coloured wrap for the Taycan. Guided by Porsche’s ethereal gradient colours and anniversary logo pack, the in-house team at Think Wraps designed a seamless blend of iconic heritage and visual allure. Overcoming challenges of thickness and soft-blended colours, skilled technicians applied the intricate, long-lasting wrap with precision. The result was a visually striking masterpiece showcasing Porsche’s evolution over seven decades. The rolling tribute, a captivating focal point at Porsche events and car shows, became a conversation starter, celebrating 75 years of automotive excellence. Think Wraps’ expertise in vehicle wrapping and attention to detail transformed the Taycan into a symbol of Porsche’s enduring legacy.

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