Category Finalists: Out of the Ordinary

The “Printed Wrap – Out of the Ordinary” category encompasses a diverse range of vehicles, making room for everything from push bikes to aeroplanes. Entries in this category feature creative and innovative digitally printed wraps that incorporate lettering, logos, symbols, and more. All of the designs in this category creatively communicate an advertising message at its centre.

They also all include a dazzling array of colours, a strategic layout, and, above all, complete originality in their design. The designs have been created to go beyond the conventional. All of the wraps stand out and capture attention. As vehicles serve as mobile canvases, these designs not only advertise but also leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Watch out ‘BIG BITE’, Junior is nipping at your heels! EPIC Media Group creates high-impact design for Hillend Engineering’s new rear end loader.

In response to the environmental challenge of reducing costs and carbon footprint, Hillend Engineering launched ‘BIG BITE JUNIOR,’ a rear end loader with the strength of the original but offering the functionality of two loaders. EPIC Media Group designed a high-impact wrap for the demonstrator vehicle, featuring a fun dinosaur character, reflecting strength and energy. The wrap, printed with environmentally friendly inks on hard wearing vinyl, serves as an attention-grabbing tool during the UK roadshow. The complex installation process involves a giant puzzle, skillfully applied by a specialised team. The result is a successful campaign driving awareness for the next-gen BIG BITE, with positive feedback from Hillend Engineering’s Sales Director.

Mack Graphics completes Scania Tractor Unit Wrap update for Bathams Scania

Mack Graphics proudly announces the successful completion of a Scania Tractor Unit Wrap update for Bathams Scania. In March, the team executed a comprehensive transformation, enhancing both the tractor unit and trailer livery for one of their significant clients, the sponsor of Bathams race team. The project involved crafting a custom-printed wrap featuring the distinctive logos of both the customer and the race team. To elevate the visual impact, fluorescent and chrome detailing was meticulously applied. The primary wrap was meticulously printed on Orafol, complemented by a high gloss laminate, Metamark Fluorescent, and Gold Chrome elements. Precision was achieved using cutting tape for clean edges and cut vinyls for intricate detailing.

Paul Turner Signwriters create something new and eye-catching for Wetherby Skip Services’ new Scania S Cab Tractor Unit

Paul Turner Signwriters unveiled a groundbreaking design for Wetherby Skip Services’ latest addition, the Scania S Cab Tractor Unit. A devoted customer for over two decades, Wetherby Skip Services Ltd sought a departure from their usual vibrant orange-red wraps for their sleek black Scania S Cab. Collaborating closely, the customer expressed a desire for a distinct, eye-catching design that harmonised with their existing fleet. Inspired by specific examples, the team crafted a bold geometric print, integrating trademark brand colours and a subtle nod to the familiar orange-red. The full wrap, digitally printed and installed in-house, featured fluorescent accents, company logos, and computer-cut lettering. Delighted with the outcome, the customer anticipates incorporating similar innovative designs into their expanding fleet.

Roberts Wraps create an airbrushed-style HGV wrap based on the 1969 film, The Italian Job.

Embarking on a cinematic journey, Roberts Wraps transformed an HGV into a mobile masterpiece inspired by The Italian Job. Crafting an airbrushed-style wrap, they seamlessly integrated three classic minis into a dynamic scene on the cab’s contours. Thoroughly studying the film, they used ‘digital airbrushing’ in Photoshop, avoiding replication for a personalised touch. Overcoming asymmetry challenges, unique artworks were created for the driver and passenger sides. Material selection was pivotal, opting for a transparent gloss film melding with the truck’s surface. Meticulous installation on a scissor lift ensured precision, resulting in a delighted trucker and a show-stopping vehicle. Roberts Wraps proudly stands as the sole UK company providing authentic digitally airbrushed wraps, turning each vehicle into a bespoke canvas.

Sign Cube convert Luton box van into a custom Boom Box

Sign Cube transforms a Luton box van into a unique Boom Box, showcasing their expertise in customization. The custom Luton box van features strategically positioned hatches and shutters on both sides, unveiling a sophisticated sound system and a DJ booth. The bespoke design mirrors the classic “boom box,” meticulously printed onto IJ280 with a glossy laminate for a polished finish. Sign Cube’s skilled wrappers seamlessly apply the design to both sides, the front, and the back at their dedicated unit to create something truly fun and unique. To maintain an element of surprise, mesh banners are discreetly installed on the inside, concealing the actual speakers and adding an intriguing touch to this mobile entertainment experience.

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