Category Finalists: Interior Decorator

The Interior Decorator Award celebrates outstanding creativity and innovation in interior design, recognising captivating projects with originality and thematic depth. This highly competitive category encompasses various spaces, including rooms, shops, museums, galleries, entrances, and surrounding environments.

Entrants in this category are evaluated based on their ability to craft cohesive and engaging interior experiences that seamlessly integrate various design elements. Consideration is given to signage, interior design, wall and floor treatments, finishes, fittings, and props, all of which contribute to the overall ambience and narrative of the space.

Successful entries demonstrate mastery of multiple sign and display techniques, utilising elements such as illuminated features, dimensional elements, vinyl applications, digital imaging, hand lettering, airbrushing, paint techniques, screen-printing, and more. The award celebrates creativity and ingenuity in the use of diverse sign and display methods, showcasing projects that push the boundaries of interior design innovation. It really is all about using creativity, artistic and technical talent to look good in a range of spaces. 

Judges will assess entries based on their ability to blend form and function harmoniously, create immersive environments, and evoke emotional responses from viewers. Whether transforming a retail space into an interactive brand experience, curating a museum exhibit that tells a compelling story, or designing a captivating entrance that sets the tone for an entire venue, this category seeks to honour excellence in interior design that leaves a lasting impression.

Astley tasked with the production and installation of internal wallpaper graphics at The Wonderworks

Astley, tasked with producing and installing internal wallpaper graphics at The Wonderworks, embraced challenges including seamless application and vibrant prints consistent with brand colours. The in-house design team meticulously planned large images onto single drops, some exceeding 12 metres in width, totaling around 44 metres of digitally printed, grey back single covering pieces. Precision during the printing process was crucial to maintain quality and colour consistency. Experienced crews executed on-site installation, navigating obstacles, exhibition windows, and coordination with other trades. Astley’s meticulous planning and skilled teams ensured flawless production, installation, and coordination throughout. Astley’s teams also delivered external signage, wayfinding, window manifestations, and reception graphics, contributing to the successful launch of ‘The Wonder Works’ at Margate.

DMA Sign design, manufacture and install signage package for The Forge, Sumner Street

DMA Sign embraced the challenge of designing, manufacturing, and installing a sustainable signage package for The Forge, Sumner Street—the UK’s first net-zero carbon commercial development. Inspired by the site’s industrial past and commitment to a low-carbon future, the team reimagined architectural signage, opting for eco-friendly practices. Utilising decorative liquid metal coatings over sustainable substrates like timber, they achieved the appearance of traditional metal without the environmental impact. Neon flex LED’s provided an eco-friendly solution for illuminated signs. Employed by Landsec, the team prioritised sustainability in every aspect, from natural materials to energy-efficient LED lighting. The result is a shining example of sustainable signage, showcasing how eco-friendly practices enhance design without compromising visual impact.

Elite Sign Solutions use creativity, technical excellence and innovation in design for PLOUISE

Elite Sign Solutions showcases their pinnacle project for PLOUISE, an entrant in the Sign and Wrap Awards. Boasting 30 illuminated signs, 100 metres of window graphics, and a distinctive totem sign, the 100-square-metre space is transformed into a captivating visual masterpiece. Inspired by PLOUISE’s brand identity and urban aesthetics, the meticulous design seamlessly integrates with the brand narrative. Technical precision is evident in crafting oversized polystyrene letter signs and an external building tray. The impact is palpable, with illuminated signs becoming iconic beacons, elevating foot traffic, brand recognition, and client satisfaction. Upholding environmental responsibility, the project stands out for its fusion of artistry and functionality. The project stands as a testament to their commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility.

Off The Wall Creative showcases motivated team of devoted creatives in SSE Arena interior design project

Off The Wall Creative transformed the SSE Arena in Belfast, leaving an indelible mark on its interior. Tasked with revamping the backstage entrance, Giant’s changing rooms, and the backstage corridor, the team demonstrated unwavering dedication. The backstage entrance now boasts hexagon wall features with 3D depth, reflective of the Belfast Giants and the Giant’s Causeway, illuminated by teal LED lights. The Giant’s changing rooms received LED up lighters, RGBw tape, and 3D rimless built-up lettering, creating an ambient atmosphere. The backstage corridor showcases mirrored, stainless, and gold discs honouring Disney, with LED chaser lights for added impact. The monumental project, managed entirely by Off The Wall Creative, resulted in breathtaking, premium spaces that celebrate the venue’s legacy.

Peach Design designs bring Huckletree’s workspace to life

Peach Design elevated Huckletree’s workspace earlier this year, infusing inspiration into the heart of Oxford Circus. With a collaborative effort, the team adorned the 22,000 sqft area with captivating dichroic and coloured reeded manifestations, digitally printed gradient wraps, architectural films, and exterior signage. The diverse colour spectrum metamorphosed the co-working space, fostering a unique and immersive environment for analytical and creative minds to converge. ‘Tunnel vision’ arches, distinctive dichroic film, premium privacy manifestations, and meticulously wrapped ceiling beams added focal points to the vibrant transformation. The culmination of these elements left Peach Design delighted with the impactful and visually stunning result.

Signbox deliver a complete package of architectural interior and wayfinding signs for Horizon 22

Signbox seamlessly delivered a comprehensive package of architectural interior and wayfinding signs for Horizon 22, a cutting-edge workplace concept at 22 Bishopsgate in the heart of London’s financial district. Commissioned by global construction company Multiplex in 2019, Signbox played a pivotal role in the project, providing base build signage, wayfinding solutions, and feature signage for the iconic 65-floor building. Collaborating with lead design consultants Hello Hackenbacker, Signbox undertook diverse tasks, including glazing manifestations, tactile wall coverings, sustainable wayfinding ply, custom feature signage with LED halo illumination, flexface and Texflex illuminated branding, and digital AV screens. Despite challenges such as complex installations, a tight delivery schedule, and logistical hurdles in a super tall structure, Signbox achieved remarkable success.

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