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The Industry Champion award is bestowed upon an individual within the industry, selected for their distinguished prestige and exemplary character. This accolade seeks to celebrate someone who not only possesses influence and courage but also serves as an inspiring role model for others to emulate.

This prestigious award is a testament to the recipient’s extraordinary contributions to the sign industry, workplace, and community. It acknowledges an individual who consistently goes above and beyond in their efforts, making a meaningful impact beyond professional boundaries. The recipient is someone who stands out for their exceptional leadership within the industry, consistently demonstrating commendable intentions and deeds.

The Industry Champion award is not merely a recognition of professional achievements; it is a tribute to an individual who has displayed unwavering dedication and made noteworthy contributions to the betterment of the sign industry and the community at large. This accolade is a symbol of appreciation for their outstanding commitment to excellence, inspiring others to strive for similar heights in both professional and community endeavours. In essence, the award is a recognition of a true industry leader, one whose influence extends far beyond the workplace, leaving a lasting legacy of positive impact and exemplary leadership.

DMA Signs names Nicola Langston for Industry Champion of the Signage Industry

Nicola Langston, acclaimed as the “True Champion” of the Signage Industry, distinguishes herself in a realm teeming with dedicated professionals. As Managing Director at DMA Signs Limited, Nikki Langston’s unwavering passion transcends her company, extending to the entire signage industry. Her commitment to innovation, evidenced by early adoption of technologies like latex printing, propels DMA Signs to new heights, enhancing its reputation for expert craftsmanship. Nikki’s strategic partnerships ensure a skilled workforce and timely product delivery. Beyond her company, she champions workplace well-being and provides workforce training. Nikki’s advocacy emphasises the dynamic nature of the signage industry, promoting stable, high-tech jobs. In challenging times, she leads with resilience, creativity, and a hands-on approach, ensuring the industry’s vital contributions endure.

Signs Express puts forward Matt Rutlidge as their Industry Champion of the year

Matt Rutlidge, crowned Industry Champion of the Year, achieved a trifecta of milestones in October 2023 including acquiring Signs Express (Central Lancashire), welcoming his second child, and securing a silver award at the UK Graphic Awards in Leisure & Hospitality. With 17 years in the signage industry, Matt’s experience, dedication and innovation shine through. Rising from Lead Graphic Designer to Centre Manager, he transformed the business, embracing sustainability and innovation. Matt’s commitment extends to community support, sponsoring local teams, contributing to charity events, and championing mental health initiatives for his team. A social media influencer, mentor, and active figure in the signage industry, Matt Rutlidge exemplifies exceptional leadership and is undeniably the deserving Industry Champion.

Patrick McGowan chosen as Industry Champion for Off The Wall Creative

In the dynamic world of the Signage Industry, Patrick McGowan emerges as a beacon of excellence. As the owner of OTWC, he not only navigated industry complexities but set an unparalleled standard for success. Starting his journey at 18, printing posters from his university accommodation, Patrick, now 37, employs 16 people and collaborates with global brands. Beyond business, he actively supports local charities, reflecting a commitment to community. A forward-thinker, Patrick anticipates industry shifts and positions his company ahead of the curve, showcasing expertise and fearlessly embracing innovation. His leadership style, characterised by encouragement and empowerment, fosters a culture of excellence. Patrick’s impact extends beyond business, earning him the deserving title of an Industry Champion.

Reade Signs puts forward Roy Cheesman, aka Mr. Signage, for Industry Champion

With almost 25 years at Reade Signs, Roy, affectionately known as Mr. Signage, is a revered figure, embodying unparalleled dedication, innovation, and mentorship. Boasting a 40-year career in the Sign Industry, he stands as a transformative pillar, setting new standards and inspiring peers. Roy is synonymous with professionalism, guiding clients from conceptualization to finished signage installation. A sustainability champion, he led the adoption of eco-friendly practices, earning the Sustainability award three years consecutively. Beyond accolades, Roy serves as a patient mentor, extending his expertise from apprentices to seasoned professionals. Rain or shine, he oversees installations, ensuring client expectations are met. Roy Cheesman is nominated for the Industry Champion title, a testament to his enduring impact and dedication.

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