Category Finalists: Architectural Signs

Architectural signage is a realm where creativity and craftsmanship converge to add fantastic signage in our built environment. The “Architectural Signs” category has inspired entries from a huge range of styles of work created with an architectural flare and a variety of depth. 

Our applicants and finalists incorporated many materials and covered all forms of construction, including engraved, foundry cast, stamped, moulded or hand shaped signs or images, router, laser or water jet, hand carving, casting, fabrication, CNC modelling and 3D printing. All of the nominees have shown true excellence and mastery in their category.

We thank Trotec for their sponsorship of this category and their support at these awards. Globally recognised for their groundbreaking contributions to laser technology, Trotec is a leader in providing cutting-edge solutions to the sign and display industry. 

Trotec’s commitment to precision and quality perfectly aligns with the core principles of architectural signs, making them the natural champion for this category. Trotec’s partnership with the Sign and Wrap Awards underscores their dedication to fostering creativity and pushing the boundaries.

Trotec is a leading international developer and manufacturer of laser machines headquartered in Marchtrenk, Austria. They now have 17 sales offices with a total of +750 employees and their machines are used in more than 90 countries around the world.

Bryan Jater, Sales Director for Trotec UK, told us, “It’s an honour and privilege to sponsor this hugely important category. We’ve seen many of the entrants and there are some really fantastic solutions. We wish all the finalists the very best of luck – to me they are all winners.”

Signbox designs and installs new Northern Trust head office sign as part of rebrand

Signbox’s 2015 project for Northern Trust’s Canary Wharf HQ involved designing and installing a prominent sign that became an iconic feature of London’s financial district. Overcoming technical challenges in securing the sign atop the building, the installation included detailed symbols and stainless steel letters, illuminated with twin LED circuits. In 2023, Northern Trust sought a rebrand, necessitating a new sign to align with updated brand guidelines. Signbox’s comprehensive scope involved designing, fabricating, and installing a modern sign while preserving elements of the original. The successful rebranding enhanced Northern Trust’s brand image, maintained recognition, and added a refreshed presence to the building, illustrating the adaptability of signage in a dynamic business landscape.

Astley manufactures and installs signage to launch Ad Gefrin Distillery & Visitor Experience brand

The Astley team enthusiastically supported the opening of Ad Gefrin Distillery & Visitor Experience in Northumberland, collaborating with Studio MB on an Anglo-Saxon Museum and whisky distillery project. They crafted interior, exterior, and wayfinding signage to embody Northumberland’s rich heritage. The centrepiece, the 3m Ad Gefrin Roundel, featured a Celtic design on lightweight aluminium, mimicking copper with Innometal paint for a fire-retardant finish. Meticulous planning ensured seamless installation on diverse wall materials, including breeze blocks and timber. Studio MB praised the Astley team’s friendly, proactive approach, emphasising the high-quality finish and thoughtful design that complemented the building’s artisan aesthetic. The entire process reflected meticulous planning for a flawless outcome as a result of the team’s seamless collaborative effort.

Blaze Signs create signage for brand new 14-stage studio for Sky in Elstree

Blaze Signs successfully crafted impactful signage for Sky Studios’ new 14-stage facility in Elstree, enhancing the brand presence across the expansive 32-acre site. They designed large-format branding signs featuring aluminium fascia panels with perforations and iconic stainless steel logos, internally illuminated for a consistent glow. Overcoming logistical challenges amid diverse trade activities, the team utilised a Skylift platform for safe installation. Precision in design and manufacturing, along with meticulous quality control, ensured the realisation of Sky’s creative vision. Blaze Signs’ meticulous craftsmanship culminated in a stunning and functional signage project. The completed project stands as a testament to Blaze Signs’ dedication, providing an unforgettable brand experience that aligns with Sky’s vision and elevates the studio’s entrance aesthetics.

Imageco creates beautiful memorial to organ donors for The Royal Albert Edward Infirmary

Imageco, commissioned by The Royal Albert Edward Infirmary, creates the Forget Me Not Archway, a striking memorial honouring organ donors. The outdoor structure features stainless steel forget-me-not flowers and butterflies which symbolise remembrance, transformation and metamorphosis. Collaborating with Hospital Art Studio, the grand archway serves as a beacon at the hospital’s garden entrance, providing an interactive space for peaceful reflection. Individual forget-me-not mementos, mirroring the archway’s design, were gifted to organ donors’ families during the emotional reveal. Despite a longer creation process, meticulous engineering by CAD designers Matthew and Project Manager David brought the symbolic piece to life. The “Forget-Me-Not” archway has garnered admiration from visitors and hospital staff, and was featured in BBH magazine.

isGroup Signs manufactures four themed totems for the Pitlochry Dam and Visitor Centre

IsGroup Signs, chosen for the task, crafted four 3.2m tall Interpretation Totems for Pitlochry Dam and Visitor Centre. These totems, standing on a robust galvanised steel base, boast intricate steel panels with a fish scale etched pattern. Two totems feature built-in monitors showcasing the salmon’s journey. Manufactured at their factory, the totems were carefully delivered to Pitlochry and expertly installed using a loader crane. These structures not only enhance the visitor experience but also raise awareness about the salmon’s migration and help foster a profound, educational connection to nature. Seamlessly integrating art, technology, and environmental education, the totems connect visitors to nature, leaving an enduring impact on Pitlochry’s cultural and educational landscape. 

NES Solutions craft “Reflections” Glass Sculpture for Essex & Herts Air Ambulance

NES Solutions crafted the “Reflections” Glass Sculpture for Essex & Herts Air Ambulance (EHAAT), originating from a three-year design competition in collaboration with Harlow College’s Art and Design students. EHAAT selected the winning design, created by a student, for their new Airbase at North Weald Airfield. Funded by corporate partners, NES Solutions managed the project intricacies, offering manufacturing options, budgeting, prototyping, and structural calculations. The 2735mm curved glass sculpture, named “Reflection,” features low iron toughened and laminated glass with reverse decoration in brand colours and optically clear vinyl. The installation provides a reflective space with inspiring quotes, offering solace to visitors, especially patients and families. NES Solutions’ project management ensured a successful outcome, leaving the client team delighted with the final installation.

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