Category Finalists: Architectural Film Projects

All the entrants to the Architectural Film Projects category have created standout examples of projects where refurbishment has triumphed over replacement to the highest standard. Architectural film installation is a fast-growing space as businesses look to extend the life of existing furniture and infrastructure. The companies in this category have all created designs where architectural films have been used in many different kinds of environments including hospitality, corporate, retail, hotels and public spaces.

Architextural Vinyl Wrap UK have sponsored this category, for which we would like to express our thanks. Architextural are part of William Smith Group 1832 Ltd and are the leading UK distributor of the key architectural finishes brands 3M DI-NOC and Cover Styl’. In fact, they stock the largest range of architectural films in the UK. With the largest pattern selection on the shelf, they can offer unrivalled choice and free sampling service for every project.

Architextural are proud to support designers, architects, specifiers and anyone involved in the refurbishment process. It is their mission to raise awareness of the new way to transform interior design. Their extensive knowledge about the products they supply means that they can truly support their customers throughout the selection process. 

Architextural offer comprehensive training and support via their growing range of skilled installers, who have evolved through their own esteemed training academy. Their high quality installation network can supply and install existing fixtures, fittings, furniture within bars, hotels, restaurants, retail or any commercial environment. They can help with specialists in any area, for any project size.

Graphitex T/A Killer Image tasked to modernise drinks bar for LT16 Lime Tree

Graphitex, operating as Killer Image, took on the challenge of revitalising the 20-year-old Lime Tree bar for LT16. The client envisioned a modern space with a prominent marble bar as the focal point, featuring earthy, moody tones for a cosy atmosphere. Hours were invested in sanding and priming the existing surfaces. Opting for durability, 3M Di-NOC ST 1914-MT was chosen for the marble effect. AE-1944MT added mood and earthy tones to the bar area. Custom-sized tables, crafted from MDF covered in 3M ST 1914-MT, provided a cohesive marble look. Coverstyl’ & LX films, including LX Metallic PM006 and PM004, adorned various elements, ensuring a consistent aesthetic. The result: a transformed, cohesive interior that aligns with the client’s vision.

LM Interior vinyl wraps office furniture for Haygarth Digital Marketing Agency


LM Interior successfully transformed Haygarth Digital Marketing Agency’s office furniture by wrapping cabinets and doors with Coverstyl matte black vinyl. When they approached LM Interior with the idea, the emphasis was on achieving a modern aesthetic, enhanced durability, and easy maintenance. Having considered paint as an alternative, Haygarth was impressed by the quality and colour options presented in the vinyl wrap samples. The team efficiently ordered 150m of coverstyl matte black, covering meeting rooms, reception areas, and 20 doors. The result not only met but exceeded Haygarth’s expectations, providing a fresh, modern look and increased durability to their office space. LM Interior takes pride in the creative and innovative solution that contributed value to the office environment.

Omnia Vinyl uses architectural vinyl to give The Grosvenor a luxurious finish


Omnia Vinyl, utilising architectural vinyl, achieved a luxurious finish for The Grosvenor, transforming mundane elements into stunning features. Assigned to enhance reception areas and lift landing entrances, the team faced challenges with the towering 5m columns, wrapping them to match fireproof cladding sections. Staircase surfaces were seamlessly covered in continuous sections, creating a remarkable aesthetic in harmony with the colour schemes. The client opted for a bronze patina effect vinyl for columns and a metallic vinyl for lift entrances across multiple floors. For high-traffic lifts, abrasion-resistant PA-181AR vinyl was chosen, offering a quality finish comparable to powder coating but with cost-effective and non-disruptive application. The revitalisation of The Grosvenor, in collaboration with award-winning architects and designers, showcases a testament to inspirational design.

Peach Design invited to refresh 15 Alfred Place offices under sustainability mandate

Peach Design was commissioned to revitalize 15 Alfred Place offices in line with a sustainability mandate from long-standing clients. Focused on achieving “0 landfill,” Peach Design transformed the reception, first-floor collaboration space, and tea point within 48 hours. Embracing the client’s commitment to sustainability, the team employed architectural films, adorning the reception and first floor with a modern fabric finish (NG11) and using the popular Terrazzo finish (NE29) for the tea point and reception desk. The result is a stunning and eco-friendly renovation that astonished staff members returning on Monday, unable to believe they were in the same reception as a few days prior. The centrally located co-working space now boasts a wholly reimagined and enhanced working environment in Fitzrovia, London.

Signs Express Central Lancashire collaborate with Preston North End FC to spruce up changing rooms


In a collaborative venture between Signs Express Central Lancashire and Preston North End FC, the team worked together to revitalise the home team changing rooms. The project centred on the application of architectural films, enhancing player pods, header panels, and existing cabinets. The player pods underwent a transformation using timber batons and plywood as the base, wrapped in a vibrant blue architectural film. Prepping off-site ensured seamless installation on-site, accelerating manufacturing and installation. A notable feature was concealing magnets behind the architectural film on header panels, enabling swift player name print swaps. Ryan Lowe, Preston North End FC’s First Team Manager, praised the company’s remarkable skills, creativity, and dedication in achieving a spectacular transformation of the changing rooms.

Signwrite Studios commissioned to wrap a bespoke built desk for Wokingham school


Signwrite Studios undertook a project commissioned by a Wokingham school to wrap a custom-built desk designed for pupils requiring a tailored and holistic educational approach. The objective was to create a visually impressive piece that would captivate students, staff, and visitors alike. The chosen design incorporated natural elements, featuring a wood appearance with a soft stone-like top. Employing the 3M Dinoc architectural film, specifically the Dry Wood Matt and Earth Stone Matt variants, provided a durable solution suitable for high-traffic areas. The application process involved using the WP-2000 primer to facilitate seamless adhesion of the vinyl to the MDF structure. Partnering with an office fit-out company showcased Signwrite Studios’ ability to offer diverse signage solutions for both internal and external spaces in educational environments.

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