Building a bond with adhesive solutions

Expert Advice from Glen Fitzgerald, Technical Sales Manager at Drytac on the sticky subject of adhesives

dhesives are one of the most common and necessary components of many applications across a whole host of markets and industries. With this wide-ranging demand and use comes the core challenge for manufacturers and suppliers, how are you able to offer a product that can deliver on all these project types?

The most important factor for any supplier in this market is to listen to what the customer is trying to accomplish, then look at ways at how to work with the client to both design and manufacture products that meet their exact needs.

Industrial tape converters certainly have the option to supply their own materials, but there is also the opportunity to work with other specialist providers in this sector to ensure they are delivering the absolute best solution to the customer.

This is where Drytac comes in; we can help with our different face materials or adhesives and release liners in stock to choose from. These materials have an extremely successful track record in some of the most demanding applications in the large-format graphics market, but these skills are easily transferable to other industries such as medical, transportation, renewable energy and packaging, thus opening up their use across all manner of applications.

Remaining on the subject of the wide-ranging use of adhesive products in projects of all shapes and sizes, there are some more unique and challenging applications that require customised adhesives and materials in order to succeed.

Again, Drytac is ideally positioned to advise and support with these trickier jobs. Customers are able to create their own adhesive-backed materials and then laminate, slit or die cut to the customer’s specifications, once again ensuring you deliver exactly what they want, all with high-quality results.

At Drytac, we actively encourage customers and partners to challenge us with their own specialty material performance requirements. Working together, our specialist and highly experienced team will custom engineer and manufacture a pressure-sensitive adhesive to meet the unique needs of any job.

Finally, it is only right to address the elephant in the room that is seemingly impacting almost all markets and industries around the world – issues with the supply chain.

Be it the ongoing situation in Ukraine, Brexit, or the lasting effects of Covid-19, many companies are finding it hard to get their hands on some of the most common raw materials required to produce adhesives. As such, this makes developing new or custom products a rather tricky, and often slow, process.

Finally, at Drytac, we have a huge stable of raw materials that we use to produce a wide range of adhesive solutions. With such a large amount of product available to us, we are able to keep all our ranges fully in stock, as well as working with customers to develop bespoke solutions for their individual jobs, thus significantly reducing lead times.

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