Epson Monna Lisa ML-24000: Breaking new ground in textile printing technology

At ITMA 23, Epson is presenting the Monna Lisa ML-24000, a textile printing solution designed to meet the demands of the competitive market.

Epson Monna Lisa ML-24000 textile printing machine showcasing versatility, precision, and vibrant colours
The Epson Monna Lisa ML-24000: A game-changing textile printing solution, combining innovation, flexibility, and exceptional quality

Epson has introduced the Monna Lisa ML-24000. The innovative textile printing solution offers unprecedented flexibility and widest colour range. Developed for the growing demands of the textile market, the Monna LISA ML-24000 showcases Epson’s commitment to innovation, creativity, and certified quality. 

Flexibility and Efficiency

At the core of the Monna Lisa ML-24000’s exceptional performance are its 24 Epson PrecisionCore printheads and 12 vibrant colours. This unique combination sets a new benchmark for versatility, allowing for quick and precise responses to the demands of a highly competitive market. With reduced downtime required for ink changes and the capability to produce certified printed fabrics without altering the ink type, this textile printing solution maximises efficiency and elevates the concept of flexibility to unprecedented levels.

Wide Colour Range and Uncompromising Quality

The Monna Lisa ML-24000 includes Epson’s four Genesta ink families: Acid, Reactive, Disperse, and Pigment. This comprehensive ink portfolio enables an even wider colour range, ensuring the best possible quality on every fabric type. Whether natural, artificial, synthetic, or even innovative vegetable fibres like coconut or banana, the ML-24000 delivers exceptional results. Epson’s Genesta inks provide colour precision, resistance, and superb quality, catering to the specific requirements of diverse markets.

Compliance and Certifications Made Easy

Meeting compliance standards and obtaining certifications like GOTS or OEKO-TEX is crucial for companies in the textile industry. The Monna Lisa ML-24000 simplifies this process by supporting a wide range of selected inks necessary for various certifications. Epson ensures that its technology aligns with the requirements of companies striving for sustainable and responsible production. By utilising the ML-24000, businesses can meet quality, safety, and sustainability standards without compromising efficiency or productivity.

PrecisionCore Printhead Technology

Epson’s PrecisionCore printhead technology, powered by the MicroTFP next-generation printing chip, is the driving force behind the ML-24000’s exceptional quality and high-speed performance. This technology, built on Epson’s proprietary Micro Piezo printing technology, delivers value and performance to a broad customer base. With a resolution of up to 1200 dpi and a width of 180 cm, the ML-24000 ensures precision, sharpness, and vivid colours, meeting the demanding requirements of commercial and industrial printing.

Epson at ITMA 2023. Creativity and innovation: a bridge to sustainability

All the benefits of Epson’s Monna Lisa series are being presented during the 19th edition of ITMA, the world’s most important exhibition for textile machines, in Milan from 8 to 14 June, Hall 7 – Stand B206. Visitors can see for themselves how Epson’s increasingly flexible and sustainable technology addresses the latest market trends.

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