Binick Imaging responds to demand with HP Latex 2700 purchase

The Florida-based large-format print specialist has added the new HP Latex 2700 to its printer line-up, which now totals six HP machines.

HP Latex 2700
L-R : Jose Ravelo, Luis Pérez, and Nick Castillo, from Binick Imaging alongside the new HP Latex 2700 printer.

Florida-based large-format print business Binick Imaging has invested in a new HP Latex 2700 printer in response to a significant increase in demand for its wide range of printing services.

Binick Imaging launched more than 10 years ago, starting life in the Miami garage of co-founders, husband-and-wife team Nick and Bianca Castillo. Fast-forward to the present day and the company now operates out of a 10,000sq ft facility, delivering all manner of print to clients across the retail, events, trade show, education, and healthcare markets.

HP printing technology has played a major role in the evolution of Binick Imaging, with the business regularly investing in machinery from HP to support its ongoing expansion into new markets and strengthening its production setup.

The most recent purchase from HP is the new HP Latex 2700, which was installed just a few weeks ago to further bulk up its offering and ensure the company can continue to meet demand from customers across a range of sectors.

Nick Castillo, who serves as CEO of Binick Imaging, said that in the short period of time that the HP Latex 2700 has been operational, the machine has already had a significant impact on production.

“In an industry where speed and quality are essential, we decided to acquire the new Gen 4 HP Latex 2700,” Nick said. “It delivers exceptional quality and speed and has a wider colour gamut for richer and more saturated prints.

“Workflow is much easier with a new printer on the production floor. With minimal maintenance and incredibly high-quality prints at three-pass and four-pass print modes, the printer has exceeded our expectations and is our go-to machine for our highest quality print jobs.”

An expanding HP portfolio

Primarily being used to produce wall murals, window graphics and backlit applications, the HP Latex 2700 is the sixth HP machine in Binick Imaging’s production setup. It is running alongside an HP Latex 3600, HP Latex 3000, HP Latex 700W, HP Latex R2000 Plus and an HP Stitch S1000.

As to why Binick Imaging continues to invest in HP machines, Nick said the quality of the printers and the ongoing development of new technology at HP makes these solutions superior to anything else in the market.

“Three years ago, we purchased our first Gen 4 printer in the HP Latex 700W and we were really impressed with the colour output of the printer with overcoat,” Nick said. “The overcoat technology was a great addition to our fleet as it minimised the need to laminate most of our indoor print jobs and saved our finishing department substantial time on this process by eliminating it.

“As demand continued to grow, our production team agreed it was time to improve workflow and become more efficient. We now have the ability to run multiple printers with the same ink configuration and provide faster turnaround times for our clients and deliver on same-day rush jobs.”

While the speed and quality of HP printers is important for Binick Imaging, Nick said the sustainable features of HP Latex technology are another advantage for the business. All HP Latex printers run with water-based HP Latex Inks, which have far less impact on the planet than solvent, eco-solvent and UV inks.

“We have success in many different markets including retail, construction, hospitality, healthcare, airports, stadiums, museums, events, schools and conventions,” Nick said. “There truly is no limit with HP’s water-based inks; the sustainable advantage is in demand more than ever and it’s a great investment for both the company and the environment.

“With our latest investment, we would like to thank Anthony Torres, Regional Sales Manager for HP Solutions, and the entire HP team for always providing the best customer service.”

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