Ateliers Cassandre invests in Fujifilm Acuity Ultra R2 to drive up productivity and growth

The Fujifilm Acuity Ultra R2’s ability to print extremely high quality at high speeds made it the obvious choice

Clément Asnar, Owner, Ateliers Cassandre with the Fujifilm Acuity Ultra R2
Clément Asnar, Owner, Ateliers Cassandre with the Fujifilm Acuity Ultra R2

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French digital printing specialist Ateliers Cassandre has invested in the Acuity Ultra R2 roll-fed printer to support its business growth and the efficiency of its printing processes.

The family-owned business, which was established in Essonne three decades ago, produces numerous applications including exhibition stands, retail displays, textiles and more. The ISO-certified company’s premises is the biggest manufacturing site in Ile de France.

Always appreciative of its customers’ deadlines, Ateliers Cassandre prides itself on delivering high quality projects in a timely manner. To support this strategy, the company continuously invests in top performing, cutting-edge technologies, such as the Fujifilm Acuity Ultra R2, which owner Clément Asnar first saw in action at FESPA 2022.

Fujifilm Acuity Ultra R2
Fujifilm Acuity Ultra R2

Asnar believed the Acuity Ultra R2 would be an ideal addition to his business for a number of reasons. It has printing speeds of 600m2/h; its 3-level greyscale printheads deliver 3.5 pl drop sizes for exceptional photo printing quality, while minimising ink usage; and the printer also has a very low energy consumption. It is ultimately capable of boosting Atelier Cassandre’s productivity, helping it to complete more than 50,000 jobs per year, and delivering an excellent ROI.

Asnar comments: “When we first saw the Acuity Ultra R2 at FESPA 2022, we were wowed with its design features and exceptional printing quality. We then visited a client in Southern Spain, who already had the machine in its fleet, and we were further impressed with its high productivity.”

Asnar adds: “With our annual growth rate being approximately 10%, we are in a phase of rapid development and our commitment to excellence drives us to collaborate with the best. That’s why we partnered with Fujifilm – an established brand and expert in digital printing. The Acuity Ultra R2 has proven to be a worthwhile investment and we look forward to collaborating with Fujifilm in the future.”

Fujifilm Acuity Ultra R2
Fujifilm Acuity Ultra R2

Shaun Holdom, Marketing Manager, High End Products at Fujifilm Wide Format Inkjet Systems, adds: “Launched in 2021 as part of Fujifilm’s fully redesigned Acuity wide format range, the Acuity Ultra R2 roll-fed printer has won iF, Good Design and Red Dot awards for its impeccable design features.

“We’re thrilled that the Acuity Ultra R2 is helping our customers, such as Ateliers Cassandre, to push the boundaries with quality, productivity and print speeds, while remaining energy efficient and delivering on ROI.”

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