Assured Digital Signage debuts at Sign & Digital UK 2024

Assured Digital Signage is exhibiting at Sign & Digital UK 2024 to engage with traditional signmakers and printers and demonstrate the potential of digital signage as a powerful new revenue stream.

Sureview Genesis offers exceptional performance, delivering 4K at 60 fps, and a low cost of ownership

Chris Rushton, Managing Director, Assured Digital Signage

Chris Rushton, Managing Director of Assured Digital Signage, explains, “Recognising the technological shift within the industry, our goal is to help businesses navigate this transformation and seize the opportunities it presents, and we’re committed to providing solutions for those who may be hesitant to incorporate this technology into their operations.”

He continues, “One way in which we do this is to offer a partnership model where we act as a sales agent, handling the entire digital signage project from start to finish in exchange for a commission fee. Alternatively, we can provide advisory services, working closely with customers who are interested in selling digital signage but may be unsure about the potential challenges and where to start.”

This approach has already seen success within the Fastsigns franchise and Chris is excited to bring the company’s expertise and knowledge to a wider audience at Sign & Digital UK 2024. The exhibition presents an ideal platform to connect with businesses, discuss their needs, and offer tailored solutions that promote business growth.

What to see on the stand

The Sureview brand includes square, stretch, and shelf-edge LCD displays

SDUK will serve as the platform for the UK launch of Assured’s cutting-edge media player, codenamed ‘Sureview Genesis’ which offers exceptional performance, delivering 4K at 60 fps, and a low cost of ownership. “Just weeks before, we will have unveiled this groundbreaking product to the world at Integrated Systems Europe in Barcelona,” says Chris, adding, “While we already offer a wide range of media player options, this is the first one that we have brought to market ourselves. In addition to the box itself, it is the bespoke Operating System that truly sets it apart. This provides our customers with an unparalleled level of endpoint management, eliminating the need for on-site configuration, providing real-time assurance that displays are operating as expected, and even facilitating the remote deployment of a new software stack offering an unprecedented level of futureproofing.”

He continues, “We are thrilled to be a global reseller of the Papercast product line and will be featuring one of their latest generation of e-ink displays at the show. This remarkable technology, which is familiar to many people thanks to devices like the Kindle, offers crystal clear content even in direct sunlight, making it ideal for outdoor applications. What sets these displays apart is their remarkably low power consumption, allowing them to operate for years on just a battery. This not only eliminates the need for expensive infrastructure but also makes them a sustainable choice. Additionally, these displays are vandal-resistant and can withstand harsh environments, with an operating temperature range spanning from -20°C to +70°C.”

“We will also be featuring our own Sureview brand of square, stretch, and shelf-edge LCD displays, showcasing the diverse range of formats now available alongside the standard 16:9 TV standard. However, screens alone are insufficient without captivating content, which is why we will demonstrate these displays playing synchronised content powered by our advanced cloud content management system.”

Expectations for the show

Screens alone are insufficient without captivating content

“We expect that all stakeholders in the show will be excited that the curation of such a long-standing industry event has been entrusted to experienced organisers, Datateam. This transition is expected to infuse the show with renewed vitality and draw a larger audience, especially as it will be co-located alongside Printwear and Promotion LIVE!,” says Chris.

He concludes, “Throughout its history, Sign & Digital UK has been celebrated as a buying show, and we anticipate this reputation to continue. Our focus will be on forging valuable connections with new customers and engaging in invaluable networking opportunities that can only be achieved through face-to-face events. We look forward to showcasing our latest products and services, demonstrating how they can help businesses increase their bottom line and stand out from the competition. Above all, we are excited about the potential for collaborative partnerships that will drive mutual growth and success in the signage industry.”

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