Artworker launches an innovative file-sharing service exclusively for the print industry

With a range of free features tailored to the specific needs of print businesses, Artworker aims to transform the way printers interact with clients and manage prepress workflows

Artworker's file-sharing service for the print industry.
Artworker's file-sharing service streamlines collaboration in the print industry

UK-based print tech firm Artworker has launched an innovative file-sharing service exclusively designed for the unique needs of the printing industry.

Unlike generic file-sharing tools like WeTransfer and MailBigFile, Artworker’s solution offers a range of free features that empower print businesses and enhance collaboration.

Artworker’s file-sharing service stands out from the crowd with its wealth of features available at no cost. Here are some of its key features and the benefits they give to printing companies:

  • Uniquely Branded Portal: Within minutes, users can create a branded portal complete with a custom URL for seamless integration with websites and emails.
  • Embeddable Widgets: The service offers embeddable widgets, enabling customers to share files directly from the company’s website, eliminating the need for external platforms.
  • Increased File Size: Artworker provides a 10x increase in maximum file size compared to other popular file-sharing tools, allowing users to share large files without any hassle.
  • Faster File Uploads: With Artworker, file uploads are faster, saving valuable time for both printers and clients.
  • Structured File Storage: The service offers structured file storage, ensuring easy access and organisation of files for efficient workflow management.
  • Artwork Preview: Users can preview their artwork before submission, boosting their confidence in the printing process and facilitating faster approval.
  • Studio Hours and Support Information: The portal allows printers to display studio hours and support information, improving customer experience and communication.

By offering these features for free, Artworker demonstrates its commitment to delivering exceptional value to the printing industry. The platform aims to revolutionise file sharing and streamline workflows, making the process seamless from artwork submission to final approval.

For users seeking additional functionality, Artworker also offers a Pro tier. This upgraded service provides custom integrations and simplifies artwork approval processes, including sending proofs for customer approval.

Colin McDermott, Non-Executive Commercial Director, highlights Artworker’s advantage, stating,

“Having a platform specifically designed and built by a team with decades of experience running printing businesses gives Artworker an edge in knowing where the current pitfalls are and how best to address them.”

To set up your free file-sharing portal today and experience the transformative power of Artworker, visit

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