Antalis Creates Fragrant Display for Ariana

Antalis has supplied its fluted display board and DISPA® for a project to display Ariana Grande’s new fragrance, for which environmental considerations were paramount.

The environmentally-friendly point of sale solutions were created by London-based print and point of sale specialist POSITIVE+ for Ariana Grande’s ethical new fragrance, ‘God is a Woman’.

With a constant focus on environmental considerations, POSITIVE+ measures, and aims to reduce, the environmental impact of its design, materials and processes, supply chain, delivery, logistics and end of life. Sourcing eco-friendly substrates for the point of sale solutions was an important factor in meeting the environmental goals of both POSITIVE+ and their client, Designer Parfums.

For the floor standing display units, POSITIVE+ selected sustainably sourced Displayflute E/B Flute corrugated board for the main unit, back panel and tester plinth. An E-flute corrugate was chosen for the tester on display tray, the base and plinth of the countertop unit. As well as being lightweight and strong, Displayflute corrugated boards are biodegradable and easy to recycle after use.

The ‘free gift’ and perfume bottle plaques on the tester display tray were made from DISPA®, an environmentally-friendly alternative to foam boards.

POSITIVE+ had used these sustainable products from Antalis before and selected the materials with confidence in achieving the high-quality finish they were looking for.

POSITIVE+’s Chief Commercial and Sustainability Officer, Tony Dennington, commented: “A lot of our clients are now requesting sustainable solutions, such as cardboard engineering, as an alternative to acrylic fabrication. Antalis offer some great products to deliver sustainable design without compromising on the premium finish that our clients have come to expect.”

Visual Communications Director at Antalis, Chris Green, comments: “Sustainability starts with good consultation at the design stage so we were delighted to be able to support POSITIVE+ and their client, Designer Parfums, in selecting display products that would align with their environmental goals and present the new Ariana Grande fragrance in the best possible way.”

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