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Sign projects take on many forms, and most sign companies are set up to handle these locally or even nationally. But what do they do when the project moves outside of their normal working boundaries or when installations are required across multiple sites in multiple countries?

They could turn to international signage specialists, Signum. 

The Signum team picking up the best exporters, importers and international traders at the International Trade Awards

I caught up with the company’s Managing Director, Chris Goundry, and its new VP of Sales, Dean Brown to learn more about Signum Signage.

Signum was formed by Chris and his business partner, Ryan Thomas, who both have deep roots in the sign industry. “My journey began as a teenager, sweeping floors at a sign shop on Saturday mornings,” says Chris. “As often happens in this industry, once it had me, it didn’t let go, and I have stayed in signs all my working life.”

He adds, “Ryan was a vinyl graphics installer who has experience running his own business and working in a senior role for a national sign company. Around ten years ago, I was running the international business operations for a US sign company, delivering products around Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, and Ryan was working with me. We got on really well and soon realised we could do things differently and better.”

Signum success

So, Chris and Ryan set off together on a journey to create an international signage specialist company that has now completed more than 2,500 projects in over 100 countries.

“Our business offering is a simple solution to potentially complex requirements. Customers simply send us their project details, and we will provide a quote. Once we have received instructions to go ahead, the company is assigned a dedicated Signum team member to deliver the project. They handle everything from surveys and permits to production and installation anywhere in the world,” says Chris.

Dean Brown (L), VP of Sales, and Chris Goundry, Managing Director, of Signum

He continues, “This service is invisible to our clients’ customers. It allows them to offer a much larger, international service with no added costs and without compromising on quality and brand consistency.”

Signum’s many long-term partnerships with sign-makers, installers, wholesalers, and manufacturers worldwide are key to this offering. Chris explains, “Our network of partners extends across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Canada, with limited operations in South America and the Caribbean. While we do not deliver sign-making services within North America, we do cater to clients within the region, facilitating projects that require expertise and resources from our global network.”

He adds, “Our service portfolio encompasses everything from manufacturing to installation, focusing on delivering bespoke, site-specific products tailored to our clients’ exact specifications. We can produce individual, one-off items or large-scale, repeat orders thanks to our strategic partnerships and competitive manufacturing facilities. These collaborations enable us to fulfil bulk orders while adhering to local standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring seamless integration upon delivery.”

Focusing on growth

Dean Brown recently joined Signum as VP of Sales to help grow the business further. Chris welcomes his fresh perspective and keen ability to adapt and learn quickly. “Dean’s role is pivotal in driving our growth strategy and forging relationships with clients, both domestically and internationally,” he says.

Dean himself adds, “My first six months with Signum have seen me go through a steep learning curve with lots of hands-on experience. My experience is in sales for software and social media, and my introduction to the sign industry has been fast-paced and exciting.”

He continues, “I have spent most of my time engaging with clients and attending events like FESPA and ISA Orlando, which has helped immerse me in the industry.  As a newcomer, I’ve been keen to absorb knowledge from those around me, and there are plenty of helpful people who are happy to do this.” 

“Moving forward, I am focusing on developing these connections and insights to expand Signum’s presence and partnerships, particularly in the US market.”

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Commitment to excellence

“At Signum, our commitment to excellence extends beyond geographical borders, encompassing a sustainable and locally focused approach to our trade services,” says Chris, adding, “While our primary operations are centred in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Canada, we also play a vital role in select UK projects, particularly as a result of mergers, acquisitions, and corporate developments.”

He concludes, “Our business model is to be a seamlessly integrated extension of our clients’ operations worldwide. We provide the highest-quality, cost-effective signage and brand solutions to help them maintain centralised control of their customers’ global business.”

Read more about Signum Signage here.

If you are interested in using Signum’s services or are considering a partnership with them, please contact Dean Brown on

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