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They may be one of the newest manufacturers of wide and superwide format printers in the UK, but Liyu is certainly making its presence felt. I visited their new customer experience centre in Burscough, Lancashire, to learn more

Liyu UK's new customer experience centre is open and ready for customers to visit

The new showroom is a clean, spacious environment, ideal for demonstrating Liyu’s full range of printers and cutters

Liyu has very quickly become a significant player in the display graphics industry by offering printers that are not only reliable and efficient but also customisable and future-proof. Their unwavering focus on customer satisfaction has earned them a loyal customer base and a solid reputation.

Liyu UK’s managing director, Eddie Tucker has a passion for engineering and printing technology that began at an early age. He went from working at Durst in Italy, Austria and the UK to building an engineering company specialising in supporting Arizona printers throughout the UK. “Many of our customers would ask me about alternative printers that could help them grow their businesses, without compromising quality or incurring substantial costs. After much research over 2 years, in 2019, I discovered Liyu and was immediately impressed with their range of cutting-edge printers.”

Designed in Turkey by Mr Oguz Dincer, Liyu proved a great choice. Since developing a relationship with them and forming Liyu UK in April 2019, the printers have gained much praise for their exceptional performance and versatility. “We recognised and identified many of the frustrations faced by customers with other manufacturers. Liyu UK aims to overcome these by providing a seamless experience from purchase to installation and through the whole long and extended life of the printer. With a strong support structure and an emphasis on prompt customer service, we ensure our customers feel confident and supported throughout their printing journey,” adds Eddie.

Futureproof printing

The new showroom has an attractive cafe area with music, refreshments and an opportunity to develop relationships in a comfortable environment

One of the standout features of Liyu printers is their continuous improvement and adaptability. Eddie emphasised the company’s commitment to regularly enhancing their machines based on customer feedback and industry trends. “The company has a remarkable dedication to innovation, which has resulted in printers that not only meet current demands but also have the potential for future upgrades. By offering the flexibility to increase printing speed by just adding print heads as all the key components come fitted as standard on all the Platinum Series models. Liyu enables businesses to get started with the solution they need and then scale up as they need with more manageable financial investments. Most of the cost of the printers is in the printheads, so starting with just 3 or four and then adding more up to a total of 32 Ricoh Gen-6 heads as further production speeds are required is a fantastic business model that our customers appreciate, and many have benefitted from.”

Sustainability is another area that Liyu is very focused on, and they endeavour to make their machines as eco-friendly as possible through a range of innovations. “The machines require low power consumption and are designed to help minimise waste, in terms of machinery, media and ink. By adhering to GREENGUARD certification and utilising LED lighting and freshwater liquid cooling systems, Liyu printers can help customers reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner environment.”

The machines themselves are also very ergonomic and designed throughout with the operator in mind. Technical director, Rob Kaziewicz, demonstrated how the new Platinum hybrid system made life easier for the user, “The printer itself can be controlled in multiple ways and from multiple places around the machine. For example, when switching from flatbed to roll-to-roll printing, the operator can use the in-built software, physical buttons or a joystick to help ensure everything is correctly lined up and ready to go. These controls are on both sides of the printer and also both ends of the print carriage, which means the operator can be up close at all times, minimising errors and reducing production time.”

Quality Support

Technical specialist, Craig Woods, demonstrates the Microsoft HoloLens AR devices that have been a big benefit for customer support

In terms of customer support and installation, Liyu UK prides itself on being an engineering company at its core. “We have a great team of experienced engineers based around the UK that ensure seamless installation, thorough training, and ongoing assistance. We put together a printer based on the customer’s precise specifications and install it, train the users and have everything up and running in three or four days,” says Eddie.

He continues, “Whether on-site or remote, even sometimes via augmented reality with the use of Microsoft HoloLens headsets, Liyu UK goes the extra mile to ensure our customers are well-equipped, fully supported and confident in operating their printers.”

Liyu UK’s modern, state-of-the-art new customer experience centre

Liyu UK’s new customer experience centre is mightily impressive, with a full range of printers and digital flatbed cutters on display. There is also a modern training area, plenty of meeting rooms and even a beautifully decorated café, complete with demo samples and great music.

In an industry dominated by established players, Liyu UK’s approach, which has a firm commitment to customer satisfaction, relevant user-focused technology and a dedication to continuous improvement, truly sets them apart. With their impressive range of Platinum Series printers, eco-friendly practices, and comprehensive support, Liyu UK is well-positioned to shape the future of printing technology.

In conclusion, Eddie expressed his excitement for the future of Liyu UK. “With our ongoing commitment to affordability, quality, and innovation, Liyu aims to revolutionise the industry by offering customers the printing solutions they truly deserve.”

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