All the winners from the UK Graphic Awards

Here it is! All the winners from tonight’s spectacular gala dinner in Birmingham. Massive congratulations to the winners – and huge thanks to everyone who took part and made this such a competitive and spectacular event

Branded Interiors - Vision Sign and Digital: Arc Project

The judges said these were some simply stunning graphics. They noted that the team at Vision Sign and Digital overcame many obstacles over a months long period, and the end result is fantastic.



Construction - Octink: Battersea Power Station - Opening Celebration

The judges said the overall visual impact of the Battersea Power Station Project was what made it really stand out. They loved the great use of B&W images across the interior and exterior.

Exhibitions - The Graphical Tree: Felipe Pantone At The Saatchi Gallery

The judges were absolutely blown away by the Felipe Pantone project from The Graphical Tree. They added that have quite simple never seen creativity like this. It’s crazy! they told us.

Leisure & Hospitality - Envision Media: The Jockey Club Race Days

The judges commented that the combination of different printing and installations used by the team at Envision Media across various elements was impressive.

Live Events - Service Graphics: Eurovision City Handover - Liverpool 2023

The judges were particularly impressed by the use of colour throughout all elements. This, combined with the scale and various materials, gave this entry a slight edge in what was a very close contest, so congratulations to Service Graphics on this one.

Museums & Galleries - Wild Visual Communications: Talisker Distillery Experience

The judges told us that the contributing factors to this being a clear winner were the use of lighting, complex installation and a variety of surfaces. Outstanding results in their words, and congratulations to team Wild.

Retail: In-store - Kolorcraft: Waitrose Summer Food Festival

For the judges, this one was a clear winner. The impressive use of colour and various print materials throughout. The design and engineering of the vehicle to represent the brand and merchandise products is second to none.

Retail: Windows - The Graphical Tree - Harvey Nichols – Christmas Windows 2022

The judges were impressed by the effective use of multiple materials and layering, which they said produced some stunning results, so congratulations to The Graphical Tree.

Rising Star - Reece Talbot: Signbox

The judges told us that, for them, Reece is a fantastic example of what the industry can provide to young people in terms of career and innovation opportunities. Well done, Reece, and kudos to Signbox for creating the environment that is enabling him to thrive.

Rising Star - Lauren Raftery: FaberExposize UK (Highly Commended)

The judges also pass on their congratulations to Lauren. Sales is not easy, and they said Lauren’s success demonstrates how building relationships can be rewarding personally and financially!

A special well done to all of our Rising Star finalists. You should all be incredibly proud to be here tonight, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for you.

Roll-out - Semaphore: Transport For Wales - Placemaking Campaign / Metro Branding Launch

The judges said that the scale and scope of this entry across multiple surfaces and applications gave it an edge over the other entries, so well done to Semaphore.

The Green Award - MacroArt: ICE - Sustainability In The Real World Of Exhibitions

The judges said that the commitment to sustainable internal practices here was impressive. They loved to see the way data was collected, and the results reported, going far beyond what many others are doing, so well done to MacroArt.

Wide-format Printer of the Year: 30+ employees - MacroArt (Winner)

This was a hotly contested category, but the judges said MarcoArt’s dedication to bringing young talent into the industry and their steadfast focus on becoming a sustainable business gave them a slight edge in a very impressive group of printers. Well done to all of you, and congratulations to MacroArt.

Wide-format Printer of the Year: under 30 employees - Imageco (Winner)

The judges said that Imageco’s commitment to sustainability is clearly embedded within its operational values and employee culture. Customers in our industry often require a sustainable solution but do not dive into their supplier’s operations. They said that Imageco inspires our entire industry to do better and reposition for the future.

Best in Show - The Graphical Tree: Felipe Pantone At The Saatchi Gallery

The judges said that during the judging process, they had to google the gallery and make sure this one was real! It was so mindblowing and they had never seen anything like it before.

While all of the entries were impressive, they said that the unusual design and creativity, coupled with flawless execution, gave this submission a slight edge over the rest. They added that a line included in the submission from The Graphical Tree says it all.

The design may be bamboozling, but it’s also visually interesting, attention-grabbing, and, importantly, memorable. For us, it’s a privilege to play a part in producing some show-stopping graphics, ones that the audience will no doubt remember for a long time after exiting the gallery. What is art for after all, if it doesn’t provoke feeling and a memory.

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