A Simply Beautiful combination with CWT Worktables from Atech

When it comes to understanding what makes for a stunning design and creating something that will reproduce beautifully into print – Simply Beautiful Print are the experts

Based in East Sussex, Simply Beautiful Print is proud to say, “No job is too big or demanding”. Specialising in large-format printing they offer an impressive range of services from shop fronts & corporate signage, exhibition & events right through to bespoke print projects, and design services.

On the quest for a new application table to improve the efficiency of their finishing department, director Michael Tyrrell began researching the application table market to see what was on offer. After watching many videos and reading numerous reviews, the decision was made. CWT Worktables came out on top for three key reasons, build quality, reputation and value for money. Then came the question, which model?

“We researched all the tables and watched and read lots of reviews, and we ended up at the CWT for reputation, build quality, and value for money.”

For this, Michael looked to Atech. “It’s hugely important to totally understand your customer’s aim and their production process before recommending any equipment,” explains Atech’s managing director, Allan Ashman.

“Once I knew that it was a CWT, I put my trust in Atech to recommend the model that would give us what we needed. Allan and his team directed us toward the Air Plus model for its features, additional tools, and suitability for our workflow.”

The 1737 Evolution Air Plus came out as the machine for Beautiful. Equipped with a pneumatic controlled roller, the high-performance ergonomic worktable also boasts a glass tabletop with integrated illumination. The new side-lit LED technology ensures edge-to-edge illumination, meaning you have illumination exactly where you need it for an optimised working position.

Evo Lift, the integrated electric height adjustment, allows for employees of different heights to operate the table comfortably with the touch of a button.

The table arrived fully assembled and packaged vertically, which means easy entry and fast uncreating, as Tyrrell was happy to report, “The installation was stress-free, the table came fully assembled and rolled into position. Within an hour of the Atech engineer arriving, we were up and running”.

Save time and money on production by adding a CWT worktable to your workflow!

An application table will not only increase production capabilities but also eliminate many of the problems associated with squeegees, handheld rollers or soap water when laying vinyl by hand.

Easy and precise positioning of the materials means less waste and allows for a much wider range of materials to be laminated.

Beautiful’s application table has only been installed for a matter of weeks, but the benefits are already clear to see.

“Mounting boards, hoarding panels, and applying application tape have all become ten times more efficient overnight. If we can make it faster, we can invoice it faster, which we love!)

CWT Worktools is a leading actor in the sign-making, vehicle wrapping, digital print and road sign industries. They are dedicated to improving productivity through their products and services.

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